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• Workman J.H. Addition/Renovation

Arlington, TX
Renovations to address deficiency and life cycle replacement $3.751 Million
Classroom Addition $5.431 Million
Softball complex renovations $6,901.
Total Construction Cost Budgeted $9.189 Million

• Dallas Independent School District 2014 SQAB

Arlington, TX
- Boude Storey Middle School, Barbara Manns Education Ctr
- Bryan Adams High School, Gaston & Long Middle Schools $9.4 Million
- Samuel & Carter High Schools 9.1 Million
- Dunbar Learning Center, Rowe Elementary School $4.0 Million
- Cary Middle School, Walnut Hill Elementary School $6.3 Million

• Ft Worth Independent School District 2013 Capital Improvement Program

- Amon Carter Riverside High Schoolr $7.3 Million
- Oakhurst & Natha Howell Elementary School $9.4 Million

• New West Side Elementary & Nichols Intermediate Addition

Jacksonville, TX

Renovations and additions to elementary and middle schools with an estimated construction cost of $14.5 Million

• Legacy Charter

Plano, TX

Renovation of existing 50,000 s.f. Haverty’s to accommodate new charter school.

• China Spring Middle School

China Spring, TX

20,000 s.f. additions to existing middle school.

• Princeton Elementary

Princeton, TX

110,000 s.f. new elementary school for Princeton ISD

• Henderson ISD Middle School

Henderson, TX

Additions and renovations to the existing middle school in the Henderson ISD. Estimated construction cost of $30.0 Million

• China Spring ISD Senior High School

China Spring, TX

Renovations to the existing senior high school in the China Spring ISD. Estimated construction cost of $13.5 Million

• Joe May Elementary

Dallas, TX

Brand new 92,000 s.f. elementary school with a construction cost of $16.0 million. HVAC system is ground source heat pump.

• Jasper ISD Jr High Gym & Classroom Addition

Jasper, TX

50,000 s.f. addition to the existing junior high school in the Jasper ISD

• Carrizo Springs Intermediate

Carrizo Springs, TX

90,000 s.f. new intermediate school for the Carrizo Springs ISD.

• China Spring ISD

China Spring, TX

New intermediate school, high school, middle school, and elementary school additions with a construction cost of $14 million.

• Carrizo Springs ISD

Carrizo Springs, TX

New high school and intermediate school with a construction cost of $33.0 million.

• Infinity Charter School

Irving, TX

Renovation of approximately 12,000 – 13,000 s.f. of space adjacent to the existing gym; and addition of a 2-story, 25,000 s.f. classroom building.

• Jacksonville ISD

Jacksonville, TX

Two (2) new elementary schools, high school and elementary additions with a construction cost of $33.0 million.

• Diboll Elementary School

Diboll, TX

New elementary school with a construction cost of $14.0 million.

• John T White Elementary School

Ft Worth, TX

Brand new 75,000 s.f. elementary school. The school will not be applying for LEED certification. Mechanical system: Ground source heat pump

• Palestine ISD

Palestine, TX

High School and two (2) elementary additions, three (3) elementary renovations and a middle school gym with a construction cost of $43.3 million.

• Elkhart Senior High School

Elkhart, TX

New senior high school with a construction cost of $13.0 million

• Ft Worth Independent School District – Renovations

Ft Worth, TX
- Daggett & Western Hills Elementary Schools $3.9 Million
- Daggett Montessori, Western Hills Primary $9.4 Million

• Dallas Independent School District 2008 Bond Package

Bryan Adams High School $11.5 Million
WH Gaston Middle School
Edwin Kiest Elementary School
John Adams Elementary School $8.4 Million
John Hood Middle School Nathaniel Hawthorn Elementary School
Boude Story Middle School $9.6 Million
Harrell Budd Elementary School
City Park Elementary School $5.6 Million
Paul Dunbar Learning Center
Julia Frazier Elementary School
Walnut Hill Elementary School $9.9 Million
Carey Middle School
Thomas Jefferson High School
JN Ervin Elementary School $8.9 Million
Elisha M Pease Elementary School
S Oak Cliff High School
Nathan Adams Elementary School $6.1 Million
William Cabell Elementary School
Anne Frank Elementary School
Tom Gooch Elementary School
Thomas Marsh Middle School
George Peabody Elementary School
Lenore Kirk Hall Elementary School
Linda Hooe Elementary School
LV Stockard Middle School
Amelia Earhart, Thomas Edison Learning Ctr, Pinkston High School $8.1 Million
Adelle Turner Elementary School $6.8 Million
Robert Thornton Elementary School
Martin Weiss Elementary School
Ronald McNair Elementary School
JL Long Middle School, Woodrow Wilson High School $17.0 Million
Zan Holmes Middle School $34.0 Million
Seagoville N Elementary School $13.2 Million
Jose May Elementary School $15.0 Million

• Paschal Elementary School

Ft Worth, TX

Brand new 75,000 s.f. elementary school with a construction cost of $10.3 million.

• Durant High School

Durant, OK

New high school with a construction cost of $33.0 million.

• Springtown ISD

Springtown, TX

New elementary school, high school and middle school metal building additions, intermediate school renovations and a sports complex with a construction cost of $21.0 million.

• Livingston Senior High School

Livingston, TX

New senior high school with a construction cost of $40.0 million.

• Bishop Lynch High School

Science classroom addition. Construction cost = $2.2 million

• Ft Worth Independent School District – Renovations

Ft Worth, TX
Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School Meacham Middle School $7.6 Million

• Medrano Middle School

Dallas, TX

One brand new 170,000 sf middle school with a construction cost limitation of $22.0 million. Change to ground source heat pump system.

• Mabank High School

Mabank, TX

220,00 s.f.; $28.0 million brand new school including 700 seat auditorium.

• Maypearl Elementary School

Maypearl, TX

70,000 s.f.; $8.0 million brand new elementary school.

• Anna Elementary School

Anna, TX

85,000 s.f. brand new school. Construction Cost $9.0 million

• Corsicana ISD Athletic Facility

Corsicana, TX

Football stadium and support locker facilities.

• Kensington Elementary School

Hayes Consolidated ISD, TX

70,000 s.f.; $8.0 million brand new school.

• Anna Independent School District

Anna, TX

Addition of 15,000 s.f. elementary school. Renovations and energy improvements to existing elementary and middle school.

• Hominy High School

Hominy, TX

Gym addition. Construction Cost $2.2 Million

• Corsicana High School Addition/Renovation

Corsicana, TX

$19.5 million addition and renovation of existing high school.

• Lone Oak Elementary School

Lone Oak, TX

10,000 s.f. classroom addition. Construction Cost $900,000.00

• Bridgeport Elementary School

Bridgeport, TX

84,000 s.f. brand new school. Construction Cost $8.0 million

• Bridgeport Independent School District

District wide HVAC replacement. Construction Cost $1.0 million

• Douglas High School

Oklahoma City, OK

200,000 s.f., $25.0 Million brand new high school with 7,500 seat football stadium, 1,200 seat auditorium and full support facilities

• Edmond North High School

Edmond North High School

Gym addition and ROTC building. Construction Cost $4.0 Million

• Greenhill School

Dallas, TX

Addition to upper school brand new lower school, Kindergarten and administration. Construction Cost $15.0 Million

• Bridgeport Middle School

Bridgeport, TX

30,000 s.f. gymnasium addition. Construction Cost $3.4 million

• Kaufman Independent School District

Kaufman, TX

9,000 s.f. administration building addition. Construction Cost $900,000

• Dallas Independent School District 2002 Bond Package

Soto Elementary School $8.5 Million
Arturo Salazar Elementary School $8.5 Million
Jack Lowe Sr. Middle School $25.0 Million
Harold Wendell Lange Middle School $18.4 Million
Webster, Twain, Cochran, Lee, Alexander Elementary Schools $13.3 Million
Hotchkiss, Rogers, Bayles Elementary Schools $11.3 Million
Pease & Ervin Elementary Schools $6.9 Million
Hall, Hooe, Peabody, Stockard Elementary Schools $8.6 Million
cReilly, Sanger, Hexter Elementary Schools $5.8 Million
Reilly Annex Elementary School $7.8 Million
Hector Garcia Middle School $19.5 Million
Adamson High School $6.3 Million

• Richardson Independent School District 2001 Bond Package

Audelia Park Elementary School $8.0 Million
Bukhair Elementary $8.0 Million
Ferris Branch Elementary School $9.0 Million
Apollo Junior High School $1.3 Million
Richardson Junior High School $1.5 Million
Forest Meadow Junior High School $1.0 Million
Liberty Junior High School $2.0 Million
West Junior High School $1.5 Million
Westwood Junior High School $1.9 Million
Parkhill Junior High School $4.5 Million
North Junior High School $4.2 Million
JJ Pearce High School $19.5 Million
Richardson High School $20.5 Million
Berkner High School $24.5 Million
Lake Highlands High School $11.5 Million
RISD Academy, Planetarium, Canyon Creek, Dartmouth, Northlake, Greenwood Hills, Mark Twain, Mohawk, Northwood Hills, O’Henry Stults, Arapaho Elementary Schools $6.5 Million
RISD Academy

• Texoma Christian School

Sherman, TX

Master planning of all future phases and design for Phase I. Phase I includes 6,600 s.f. administration building, 32,000 s.f. cafetorium, kitchen, gymnasium and locker room facilities, 23 temporary classroom buildings, tennis courts, football stadium, baseball and softball fields.

• Denton Independent School District – Early Childhood School

42,000 s.f. brand new school for Denton ISD including 2 classroom wings, administration offices, library, kitchen and dining hall/activity room

• Greenhill School Sports Complex

Dallas, TX

50,000 s.f. sports complex addition including a 13,000 s.f. competition arena, 7,000 s.f. natatorium and other supporting facilities. 300 tons of chiller capacity serving air handling units and fan coil units.

• Richardson Independent School District

Electrical upgrade for computer networking project. Survey of existing electrical systems in order to upgrade electrical service and distribution to install a personal computer local area network. Our work included every school in RISD (52 total) over a 4 year period. (1997-2001)

• Richardson Independent School District

Survey of existing Fire Alarm & Life Safety systems for upgrade to latest codes. Our work included every school in RISD (52 total) over a 4 year period. (1997-2001)

• Anna Independent School District

Anna, TX

Addition of 18,000 s.f. kitchen, cafetorium and classroom building. Renovations to the existing building.

• Richardson Independent School District 1996 Bond Package

Alternative School

38,000 s.f. brand new alternative school including classrooms, administration offices, library, kitchen, dining hall and gymnasium

701 Beltline

Conversion of four existing buildings into a 56,000 s.f. administrative offices/performance arts magnet school for RISD. The project included classrooms, administrative office, conference rooms and two performance halls

Apollo Junior High School

Addition of band hall and music classrooms, addition of computer tech lab and renovation of existing classrooms

Merriman Park Elementary School

12,000 s.f. classroom addition, renovation and code upgrade of existing space

Liberty Junior High School

Renovation of an existing library and addition of a computer tech lab

Richardson High School

12,000 s.f. science classroom addition, renovation of existing classrooms and addition of 5,000 s.f. locker facilities

Richardson West Junior High School

10,000 s.f. classroom addition and 25,000 s.f. renovation and code upgrade

Dobie Primary School

18,000 s.f. addition and renovation of library and computer lab

O’Henry Elementary School

10,000 s.f. addition with renovation work in Library and one set of restrooms totaling approximately 3,500 s.f.

Wallace Elementary School

11,500 s.f. addition with major renovations to toilet rooms and Kindergarten classes

Northlake Elementary School

8,000 s.f. addition with renovation work in four classrooms totaling approximately 5,500 s.f.

Bells High School

Bells, TX

Addition of a new 12,750 s.f. classroom building.

Dallas Independent School District 1992 Bond Package

3 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School & 1 High School Package #18
6 Elementary Schools and 2 Middle Schools Packages #28 & #39
3 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School and 1 High School Package #30
3 Elementary Schools and 1 Middle School Package #32
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